Jiangsu Telv Aluminum Co.,Ltd

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Telv International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Telv Aluminum (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. are the global leading agents for aviation aluminum and industrial aluminum manufacturers. We specialized in selling and servicing for AA members of America Aluminum Associations, mainly offer to American, Germany, Korea and Japan Alcoa aluminum, also be the agents of many special materials, extra-thick aluminum plate, extra-big aluminum bars and serious Aluminum. We are designated suppliers for Asia rare materials.

      • Company Name:
      • Jiangsu Telv Aluminum Co.,Ltd
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      • Main products: aluminum plate, aluminum bar, and aluminum pipe
      • Address:
      • ShengDian Industrial Zone, Jingyang second Road, BaCheng Town, Kunshang City, Jiangsu Province
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      • 215311
      • Contact Person:
      • Wen Meiqing
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      • 13584952225 13862610640
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      • 0512-82082999-6008 13913238281
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      • 0512-82083999
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